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BASIC concept

Researchers from London's Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology & Innovation

created a new DNA assembly method that is fast, accurate, modular, works exactly the same way

in every tier of hierarchical assemblies and can be completely automated.

The BASIC DNA assembly method uses linkers to assemble DNA bioparts

stored in BASIC format in a user specified order.


Step 1: half-sections of linkers are ligated onto the bioparts

Step 2: unligated linkers are removed via magnetic bead purification

Step 3: purified parts are combined into final assembly and transformed


What do you need to get started?

  • Get BASIC bioparts that are ready to use and create your own BASIC parts

  • Get BASIC linker sets from Biolegio - high quality and affordable in a user friendly format

  • Get Magnetic Beads from Nimagen - Ampliclean beads are affordable and reliable

  • Get BsaI_HFv2 enzyme from NEB and T4 Ligase from Promega

  • Use the BASIC protocol for simple DNA assembly at bench scale

  • Use the BASIC app to design your constructs and workflows

  • Coming soon: Use automated BASIC on the Opentrons OT-2

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