Frequently asked questions

Is BASIC free to use?

Yes! BASIC is an Open Source method.

Can I create my own Bioparts for BASIC assembly?

Absolutely! Our pre-characterised part libraries are available to save you time and kick start your own BASIC projects. Making BASIC parts is simple - just add BASIC prefix and suffix to your part sequence, make sure there is no internal BsaI site and click the order button at your prefered DNA vendor or get busy in the lab with the good old PCR machine.

Do I have to use BASIC linkers from Biolegio?

You don't have to, but it's a good idea for sure! We teamed up with Biolegio to save you the hassle & costs of ordering 200+ HPLC purified oligos. Biolegio BASIC linkers come premixed and each pop will let you run 200 linker ligation reactions, enough for you to build thousands of constructs.

Can I use different enzymes?

You will have to mix a BsaI restriction enzyme and a T4 ligase in the linker ligation reaction. Feel free to use different sources for these enzymes, but be prepared to optimise the ratio of the enzymes of your own choice to allow for an efficient linker ligation reaction.